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Jill Wilde

We have just been through a three year traumatic experience surviving this global pandemic. And the world is changing fast. Some of what we are seeing is our foundations collapse around us. This is meant to be - because we are in a climate of change.  It can be unsettling.  We've been through a lot and learned so much. How are you adapting to this new normal? Has anyone asked you lately...


Are you OK?  

It's OK if you're not. And if you are doing well and just ready to move forward - that's great! We're all in the process of healing in our own way. And I'm right here with you on my healing journey. We really are all in this together. We have learned more about who we are, what is important to us, how we want to spend our time and how we want to live and work and play. This is GOOD work! Now we're on the path of figuring out how to make new choices, clearer decisions, and healthy changes in our lives.  It's AMAZING! And HARD SOMETIMES! And it's a BLESSING. And we all can use a friend by our side and a little guidance along our path.  



If you want to start healing but aren't financially able to pay for a therapist or coach - please continue reading. I believe everyone has the right to have access to free mental health programs. We certainly need it now. Last year I learned about the Omega Point Academy  - which is a free online tool in PDF format that anyone can use to begin their healing journey - starting with active listening. This process helps one become a better listener, friend and facilitator. I am not being paid to share this information. I have used it and I stand by the processes they have created to help people heal.  First you learn to be a better listener for your friends and loved ones and then you learn to listen to the voices inside of you to help you discern which voice you are listening to - the ego or the soul. You can do this program with a partner.  Ask a friend, spouse or family member if they will be your partner in this work and commit to 20 days. You will see a difference.  (The 20 days does not need to be in a row you can do once a week.) Specific details are on the website.

If you cannot find a partner and would like to go through this process one on one with me, I am happy to mentor you at a rate of $60 per hour as my schedule allows.



I'M READY TO CHANGE MY LIFE NOW - Let's Begin My Conscious Journey

If you want to delve deeper and learn the 5 concepts that changed my life and brought me out of my depression and victim mentality to healing and transforming my past trauma and embracing the life of my dreams, download the Edelwize App created by my teacher Christa Rae Pacheco. There are free modules on it so you can determine whether her philosophy resonates with you. Christa's guidance over the past 12 years and especially her online program taught me how to permanently transform the challenges of the past 18 months of my life- which has been the most demanding transition in my life thus far.

Through Christa's work "Edelwize", I learned:

  • I am living in a world of duality and now deeply know who I am and who I am not. 

  • The soul agreements I have with every person in my life help me to learn the lessons I am here to learn.

  • How to discern which voice I am listening to - my out of balance ego or my inner soul. 

  • How to restore my emotional body from within and avoid giving away my power, happiness or worthiness.

  • That I attract a reality that reflects how I feel about and treat myself.


I am re-embracing life with new purpose. I live every day as though it is my last with gratitude for the people in my life and the experiences we enjoy here as humans. I have assigned myself a new mission for my life and that is to delight the world back our senses. That means to fully feel again, taste the deliciousness of life, to truly hear and listen to nature, to music, to each other, to see the world with new eyes and receive the color and beauty around us, and to smell the sweet aromas of life the flowers, the people, the food, the beings we love. And to be with ourselves - to trust our own guidance, our intuition, our inner knowing to guide us on our paths. This app truly did change my life.

If you have signed up for the "90-Days to Permanent Transformation Challenge" on the Edelwize app and would like guidance with embodying the lessons and putting the concepts into practice, book a session with me. I  have gone through every step of the Edelwize program and do my best to live the concepts. Sometimes all you need is a little mentorship from someone who has been there. I've got your back.  I am happy to mentor you at a rate of $120 per hour as my schedule allows.

Healing starts with asking for help and knowing that in fact, YOU are the best healer you will ever know. YOU are the one you have been waiting for. 

Encourage my Wildeness

Adding you with deep appreciation for being you.

Recommendations for events, music, books and retreats to enlighten your soul.

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